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The project team is committed to keeping you informed. Throughout the project, we will be updating this page with new documents and information, as they become available.

The CTC Community Building Strategy is one component of the larger rapid transit project, with other processes determining the location of station stops, the design of the line, engineering, and so forth.

Below are links to Region of Waterloo websites with further information about the larger rapid transit initiative.

1 Region of Waterloo Rapid Transit website.
2 Reurbanization and the Region of Waterloo.

A presentation and information panels from the February Draft Strategy Open Houses are available at right.

The information panel set has been designed to complement the Open House Workbook. Please refer to the workbook if you would like to provide comments on any of the materials presented in the panels.

Since February 2012, we have been working with the Region of Waterloo, the cities of Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo along with hundreds of stakeholders and community members to create the Community Building Strategy (CBS). A Draft CBS is now available and can be viewed to the right.>>>> Alternatively, the CBS can be downloaded by chapter here.

Join Us!
Draft CBS Open Houses
Our next step involves presenting the Draft CBS to stakeholders and the community for feedback. Your input will help us refine the Strategy and will ensure that we have captured the full range of opportunities for community building in the Corridor. Please join us at one of our upcoming Opening Houses.

Click here to view the Event Flyer and here for a sneak peak of the Open House Panels.

CBS Workbook
The CBS Workbook has been designed to provide an overview of the key directions in the report. It highlights where you can find further details on topic areas that may interest you. Your input at this stage is critical to us and will help us to prepare the Final CBS. So let us know what you think. Are there any additional ideas you think we should capture?

Scroll right to view the Workbook, click here to download and print the workbook for hard copy submission or here to fill out and submit your responses online.

Fall Open House Materials

Presentations and panels from the Draft Strategy Open Houses are available at right. >>>

The first set of panels includes the Vision for the corridor, 7 Community Building Opportunities and draft Implementation Strategies.
Check out the document embedded at right, or download the PDF here.

Scroll further right to view a map for the Central Transit Corridor Structure and 68 Place Specific Initiatives that relate to at least one of the 7 Opportunities.Check out the document embedded at right, or download the PDF here.

Other Open House materials:
• A video of Karina Ricks’ presentation
• Karina Ricks’ slide presentation

Materials are also available to view in person at the Storefront.

Forum 3 Materials

Notes, presentations, outcomes, and photos from the Third (and final) Opportunity Forum – Strengthening Our Community – are linked below.

At right are photos of notes from the 3 days of working sessions.

Panels from previous sessions (scroll right) were supplemented with station ‘snapshots’. :
Draft Station ‘Snapshots’. Warning: large file.

Other Forum materials:
A Video of Sue Zielinksi’s presentation
Sue Zielinski’s slide presentation
The ‘Veolia’ video used in Sue Zielinski’s presentation
SMART primer: Connecting and Transforming the Future of Transportation

Materials are also available to view in person at the Storefront.